Zhang Jindong: Chinese Appliance Mogul

Zhang Jindong was born in 1963 in Anhui, China. He studied Chinese literature and graduated from Nanjing Normal University. After graduating Zhang’s first job was to work at Haowei Group, a cloth factory from 1985 to 1989. In 1990, Zhang opened a shop on Ninghai Road in Nanjing together with his older brother Zhang Guiping. [...]

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Otto Happel: German Businessman

OOtto Happel inherited a company from his parents and turned it into a successful firm. He later sold it for a princely sum while retaining significant share holdings which still allowed him to influence the direction of the company. Eventually he sold his remaining shares for a handsome amount. Otto Happel was born on February [...]

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Wang Yung-Tsai: Taiwanese Plastics Tycoon

Wang Yung-Tsai is already in his early 90s but can say he has accomplished a lot in his life time.  In 1954 Wang and his younger brother Y.C. Wang (now deceased) established a company that would eventually become Taiwan’s petrochemical industry leader, Formosa Plastics Group.  Yung-tsai’s son William now has a top role in the [...]

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Chee Chen Tung: Hong Kong Shipping Magnate

Chee Chen Tung was born in 1942 is the second son of international shipping tycoon Tung Chao Yung.  Tung received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Liverpool. For further education he later enrolled at the University of Massachusetts and earned a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. As he became very accomplished in [...]

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Francis Choi: Toys And Real Estate Success

Francis Choi grew up in Hong Kong but was actually born in Guandong Province, China. He began his professional career as a toy salesman.  From selling toys Francis saw the big opportunity in manufacturing them.  He opened his first toy factory in 1972 when he was 25 years old. One of his biggest breaks was [...]

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Dan Friedkin: Gulf States Toyota Owner And CEO

First working under the shadows of his father Dan Friedkin has now taken command of one of the largest private businesses in Texas. It just goes to show that you don’t have to venture far from home to become a highly successful entrepreneur. Thomas Friedkin started an auto distributorship in 1968 that would eventually become [...]

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